Boat Cleaning

A Detailed Washdown Complete – Gelcoat, Stainless, Windows and Decks

Polishing, Cleaning & Protecting all Boat Surfaces

Our exterior washdown packages are for boat owners who want their boats to be as clean as possible when they use them. Some boat owners do not live local to their boats and some simply want to spend their valuable time enjoying using their boats in lovely clean condition without the worry of having to spend time keeping them clean themselves.

Our Washdown Package Options

The Teak and Gelcoat Gunnels of a Yacht After a Silver Washdown

Silver Washdown

We provide 2 levels of washdown boat cleaning packages, tailored to each individual boat depending on the surfaces it has and their condition. Our Silver Washdown Package cleans every surface of the boat to its best possible condition. This package is best suited to boat owners who don’t mind spending a little time maintaining this new clean boat presentation.

Gold Washdown

Our Gold Washdown Package is for boat owners who want to spend the minimum possible amount of time boat cleaning. It includes the same cleaning work as the silver package, but in addition we also apply protective dirt-repellant coatings to every cleaned and polished surface. These coatings minimise the amount of water settling on the surface which leaves behind dirt and they are engineered to prevent the surface statically attracting dust in the air. The result is a surface which stays cleaner for longer and is much less work to keep in pristine condition.

A Prestige Motor Boat 8 Months into a 12 Month Complete Care Package and Still Looking in Pristine Condition

Complete Boat Care

For owners with boats in Plymouth who don’t want an immaculately clean boat all the time without wasting one minute of sailing time boat cleaning, we offer regular washdown and coatings packages. Tailored to how frequently you use your boat, we visit the boat once or twice a month to make sure she is cleaned and ready for when you use her. If time and distance are the barriers to you fully enjoying using your boat in her best possible condition then a washdown bundle could be the solution for you.

What Surfaces are Included in Our Boat Cleaning Washdowns

Every boat has its own combination of surfaces and each material needs a different process to clean and refresh its appearance, then keep it looking that way:

Teak Deep Clean

The appearance of the teak can be substantially improved with a thorough deep clean. Its important to keep the teak wet whilst scrubbing as it flushes out the dirt and do not use stiff brushes to avoid any possible damage. We use a teak cleaner and warm water to hand scrub the teak until all the dirt has come out and the water runs clean.

Teak Hydro & UV Barrier Protection

Once the teak has been cleaned we have a coating option which will keep the teak looking its best for as long as possible. We use Gtechniq D1 & D3 which are hydro and UV protective barrier coatings which, as you can guess, protect the teak from water and sunlight significantly slowing down the fading effects of the marine environment.

Teak Cockpit Seats and Sole After a Teak Deep Clean

GRP Deck Power Scrub & Dirt Repellant Coating

Dirt which is embedded in stippled GPR decks is effectively removed by hand scrubbing a citrus based detergent into the surface, followed by a thorough pressure wash to remove all of the residue. Gtechniq C2V3 Liqued Crystal dirt repellant coating is then applied to keep the surface clean for longer and less work to keep it that way.

GRP & Treadmanster Decks after a Power Scrub and Dirt Repellant Coating

Stainless Steel Brightwork Mirror Finish Polish & Stay-Clean Coating

To achieve a scratch-free mirror finish on all stainless steel we polish all fittings and fixtures with Gtechniq M1 Metal Polish. We then apply a dirt-repellant coating to keep the surface free from dust and dirt.

Window Nano Polish & Clear Vision Coating

In order to maximise vision in the harsh marine environment we carry out a thorough descale and polish, before applying Gtechniq G5 Clear Vision Coating. This coating prevents salt and other contaminates sticking to the surface due to its extremely low friction characteristics.

Before A Washdown – Just Some Faded Grey Teak and Untidy Gelcoat Make a Boat Look Used and Old

All of our boat cleaning services are ideally suited if your boat is based in Plymouth

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