Gelcoat Restoration – Jeanneau Prestige 36

In 2012 we restored a Jeanneau Prestige 36 for her new owner. We found the boat’s surfaces in quite bad condition; the gelcoat had completely lost its shine and the degree of oxidation (fading) was severe enough to give it a matt finish. We assessed the condition to be a 1-2/10 at the time.

First Gelcoat Restoration Treatment (2012)

With that first treatment we were able to restore a very good level of shine (7-8/10) to the entire boat with our polishing system at the time which used Gtechniq’s P1 Nano-Polish. To protect the surfaces’ newly restored shine our coating system at the time used Gtechniq’s C2 Liquid Crystal Nano-Coating.

For more information about how these polishes and coating work including links to product videos justĀ click here.

Since the first treatment we have maintained the boat once a month with a detailed washdown of all surfaces, topping up the C2 coating as we noticed its effects starting to diminish. These photos show the boat just before its second restoration treatment in July 2013 and, as you can see, the combination of protective coating and regular washdown each month has protected the hull from any visible fading.

Second Gelcoat Restoration Treatment (2013)

The topside of the boat is more susceptible to the fading than the hull because it is more exposed to the sun’s UV rays and of course more build up of salt and dirt, both naturally from the environment and from the boat being used. Some parts of the topside forward decks and coach roof were showing signs of fading starting to return after about 9 months since the first treatment.

There is more information about what fading is, what causes it, why it can return to a restored surface and the different ways to protect against this happening on our Gelcoat Restoration page.

The first restoration treatment removed as much of the faded surface as possible and then provided a protective barrier to slow down the natural fading process. In the second treatment the degree of fading to restore was less which meant that the surface could be polished to an even deeper shine. The consequence of this improved level of shine is that it should take more oxidation (roughening) of the surface by the elements to produce visible fading – the boat should stay shinier than it did after the first treatment.

Since the first treatment our polishing system had evolved to include Gtechniq’s P2 nano-polish, enabling us to remove even more of the faded surface particles because it is an even finer grade of polish than P1. So in the second restoration treatment we used a combination of P1 & P2 nano-polishes to further restore the surfaces beyond the shine of the first treatment, giving the owner an even shinier boat than last year. You can see in the images below the results of the polishing from the second restoration treatment:

To protect the enhanced shine of the restored gelcoat we have also advanced our protective coatings since the first treatment in 2012 and we now offer an even more durable coating which is Gtechniq’s C1 Crystal Lacquer. This coating slows down the fading process even more because it chemically bonds to the surface to create a hard barrier between the gelcoat and the elements.

As an additional bonus to minimise the salt and grime settling on the surface, we made it extra-hydrophobic by applying a further coating of C2 over the C1 protected. You can see in these 2 videos the application of the C2 coating and how the coating makes water bead on the surface rather than spreading and drying quickly, which would leave behind residue that would add to surface dulling:

We also performed a deep clean on the teak then protected it from silvering with hydro and UV barrier coatings Gtechniq D1 & D3. You can see the results in the images below. Click here to find out more about our teak deep clean and protection system.

With regular cleaning of the surfaces we expect to see the presentation of the boat to be of an even higher standard throughout the next 12 months with less, if any, fading returning in that period.

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  1. Andrew Noall August 15, 2013 at 8:07 pm #

    I have been using Ship Shape for over a year now with a combination of restoration work and regular maintenance. The appearance of my boat is largely in their hands and I have been very happy with the service they have offered and the results they have achieved on Endeavour. I receive regular complimentary comments regarding the appearance of the boat with people often assuming it is actually a new boat. I am particularly pleased with the teak treatment as I have seen several treatments which give a false, unnatural look to the finish. However, the one used on Endeavour gives a very smart yet natural finish. The guys are always pleasant and helpful to deal with and I would be happy to recommend them.

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